Our Approach

Commify is one of Europe’s largest providers of business messaging solutions. We help over 46,000 companies communicate with their customers and staff, through a wide range of products, including SMS, email, voice, mobile/web and payments. We’re also investing heavily in the business messaging technologies of the future.

As well as operating in many territories and with companies of all shapes and sizes, we operate primarily in two distinct customer segments: Self-serve and Solutions.


Self-serve customers are typically (but not always) SMEs; they seek out our brands online, and have a limited requirement for account management post-purchase. They utilise our SMS services and associated products including mobile-optimised landing pages and surveys, for both marketing and transactional applications.

Image showing an SME using online SMS


Solutions customers have more complex requirements and work with us to build sophisticated, often multichannel solutions. These projects regularly win awards for innovation and driving successful outcomes. As well as dedicated account management, solutions customers may require PCI compliance and ISO 27001 accreditation. 

Image of the Esendex team winning an award

In order to serve both segments in the same territory, we operate a multi-brand strategy, to ensure maximum relevance and sales and marketing effectiveness.

Multi-brand, Multi-product, Multi-country

Our strategy is to have at least one self-serve brand and one solutions brand in every key territory. This ensures EVERY BUSINESS in each country in which we operate can harness the power of mobile messaging in a way which is appropriate for their needs.

We’re growing fast, both organically and through acquisitions. And through our investment in marketing and account management, we are rapidly growing the messaging ecosystem, every day helping companies take their first steps in mobile communications or existing customers unlock powerful new use cases.