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About Commify

Commify is the team behind a global portfolio of business messaging brands. We work with more than 45,000 companies, helping them transform their mobile communications with their customers and staff.

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what we do

We provide SMS, voice, web, IP/OTT, email and intelligent multichannel messaging services both on a self-serve basis (through an online platform or API), and as tailored solutions to more complex needs.


Global Reach

Commify employs close to 250 of the brightest minds in the industry, located across Europe and Australia.


Nottingham, Droitwich, Manchester


Esendex, TextAnywhere, Mediaburst, Text Marketer, FastSMS, m:science, Connection Software


Arezzo, Barcelona, Córdoba, Dresden, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Ferrara, Lisbon, Malaga, Marseille, Milan, Soci, Trento


Trendoo, Skebby, Mobyt, SMSpubli, SMS Envoi, Esendex, Massenversand, SMSUP, TextAnywhere





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