Our team

Liz Wilson

Head of Marketing

Liz began her marketing career working for a CRM software company, and navigated their journey from a server-based, fixed price solution to a cloud-based recurring revenue model. After they were purchased by a larger multimedia company, Liz’s marketing remit expanded to include eCommerce websites, print media and events.

In 2013 Liz accepted the role of VP Marketing as the same company expanded into the USA. The success of this role led to a promotion to Group Marketing Director, and after returning to the UK, Liz accepted a role as Head of Marketing for Esendex.

That role has now significantly grown due to the M&A activity of Commify Group, and Liz heads up a team of 20 marketers working across multiple countries and brands.

Liz is a keen marathon runner and a regular sight on the Derbyshire trails with her staffy, Penny.